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Group Employee Benefits and Insurance Services

Providing clients with quality products and service for their group benefit plans and individual health, disability and life policies is the number-one priority for Executive Plan Designs. We understand how challenging and sometimes frustrating the world of insurance benefits is today, and we want to help you find a solution that both satisfies your needs and meets your budget.

As an independent insurance agent, we can help you with your group benefit plan or
individual health, disability and life insurance needs, please choose a service
below to learn more.
  • Claims assistance
  • Billing questions
  • Production of employee communication materials
  • COBRA assistance
  • FSA/HSA/HRA assistance
  • Employee assistance
  • Initial and renewal marketing
  • Employee portal
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan assistance

  • Claims Assistance

    Don't let your employees spend hours on the phone working on claim problems. That's what we are here for. Have your employees call us with their claim issues. We deal with providers, billing services, collection agencies and insurance companies every day. Our experienced staff will work with your employees to get the information we need so we can resolve the issue with minimal time involved by you or your employee.

    Billing Questions

    Bills can be confusing; we deal with them every day. Let us help answer any questions you may have.

    Production of employee communication materials

    If your employees are unclear about their coverage, they will be dissatisfied no matter what employee benefit plans you provide. Unlike most insurance companies that have standard benefit highlight sheets for each plan. We actually work with you to come up with short, concise employee communication pieces to help your employees understand their benefits. This may mean a comparison between your old and new plans, payroll stuffers, a FAQ segment regarding a specific issue, or a comparison of plans along with necessary contributions. We are happy to meet with your employees one-on-one to educate them on their plans if desired.

    COBRA assistance

    Rising medical costs have made health insurance a household necessity for most people, especially those with major illnesses like cancer. The COBRA law gives your former employees a chance to hold on to this important benefit for a while longer. Still, workers need to be aware of changes in health care laws to keep their benefit rights. We can help your former employees understand what COBRA coverage is and if it's right for them. We have many plans your former employees can consider to meet their health care needs. We work with them to find the best health care plan.

    FSA/HSA/HRA assistance

    If any of your employees are experiencing service issues that cost you time and money and damage employee relations, we can help. Let us handle employee reimbursement plans correctly so they can make a positive impact in your employees' lives! Our goal is to have highly satisfied clients and participants whose reimbursement plans run like clockwork, and to deliver this at a fair price.

    Employee assistance

    We encourage you to have your employees call us directly. We can help your employees with:
  • Benefit questions or concerns
  • Billing or claim issues
  • Obtaining replacement ID cards
  • Enrollment issues
  • Finding a provider

  • This saves you time and alleviates HIPAA privacy concerns and obligations.

    Initial and renewal marketing

    If you are a new or prospective client, we meet with you to discuss your current and future goals, and we perform an extensive review of your existing employee benefit plans. This enables us to prepare a proposal that meets your company's financial needs as well as the needs of your employees.

    For our current clients, we perform an annual plan review. In this quickly changing marketplace, this is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best package for the best price. Prior to your renewal, we will meet with you to discuss your expectations for the future as well as your options.

    When implementing a new plan, our staff will explain the benefits to your employees, as well as prepare communication materials.

    Employee portal

    Employee portal provides you and your employees with password-protected access to your company's benefit information and plans 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need is Internet access to log on to the portal.

    Nothing in the employee portal is meant to take the place of the personal touch that has made Executive Plan Designs the successful company that it is today. Rather, employee portal is available as an enhancement to your employee benefits package, providing your employees access to information they need when they want it. We still encourage you to have your employees contact us directly with questions regarding their benefits, eligibility, claim issues, etc.

    Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Assistance

    Are you having problems with your cafeteria plan? Confused by IRS compliance? Remove the stress and hassle by having our expert team handle your accounts. Let us help you find the right company to administer your company's cafeteria plan.